Meet me

I'm an organic soul, I love nature and design, working as a florist encompasses all of these elements but the crème de la crème is the people I meet along the way.

I was born and raised in Timaru, University took me to Wellington where I completed a Bachelor of performance Design degree with honours - it was here I met two of my soul mates one I married and the other was my first floristry boss now life long friend. After Wellington, me and my now hubby moved across the ditch to settle in Melbourne where my floristry passion grew even stronger. However, our love for Aotearoa brought us back to Timaru.

Friends, Education, Travel and good old fashioned nature walks give me the skills and balance needed to do what I do. Floristry is a lifestyle, not a job for me it allows me to connect with mother nature and present her beautiful offerings to the fabulous people I meet along the way (that's you).

When I'm not playing with flowers, you'll find me designing interior joinery for the family business and another personal business of mine that I operate Ackroyd Design.  

I am lucky to share all of this with my amazing husband Nate, whom you will no doubt meet as he does all my deliveries on the wedding day. The tribe extends with Chris Nates son an exceptional human whom I'm lucky to have in my life. Hunter is the latest member to join and how lucky we are to have him, our journey wasn't easy but thanks to IVF and a whole lot of positive mindset we got our wee man... and of course the never forgotten puppies Bear and Ruby this shar-pei and pug/maltese duo keep us on our toes. This is my happy and sometimes chaotic bubble. 

But that's enough about me, I want to know all about you and your special event. Get in touch so I can meet you and we can design floral magic together. 

Renee xxx

Photos Care of: Sarah Clements Photography
Flowers in Photo Care of: Flowers Manuela